Embracing the Academy Approach at a Soccer Boarding School

June 13, 2023

Soccer demands dedication, hard work, and commitment. For aspiring young players seeking to enhance their skills, enrolling in a soccer academy can be an excellent way to elevate their game. However, for those who are genuinely committed to developing their skills on the pitch, in the classroom, and beyond, a soccer boarding school could be the ideal choice.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of embracing the soccer academy approach, and specifically, why soccer boarding schools, like International Development Academy (IDA), are becoming an increasingly popular choice for young players.

What is a Soccer Boarding School?

A soccer boarding school is a specialized institution that combines high-level soccer training with academic studies. Students live on campus and receive intensive soccer coaching from experienced coaches, while also attending classes and pursuing their academic goals.

The Benefits of Soccer Boarding Schools

1. Intensive Soccer Training

The extensive soccer training that players receive is one of the key advantages of joining a soccer boarding school. Students may improve on their talents and develop their game in an organized and focused setting with regular training sessions.

2. High-Level Coaching

Soccer academies like IDA build their coaching staff with experienced and qualified coaches who have a deep understanding of the game. Our coaches are licensed and have various experiences playing and coaching at the academy, college, and professional levels. This means that student-athletes receive expert guidance and coaching, which can help them reach their full potential as players.

3. Competitive Environment

Soccer boarding schools attract players from all over the world, which creates a highly competitive environment. This can be a great way for young players to push themselves and improve their game, as they are constantly challenged by their peers.

4. Academic Support

While soccer is the main focus of a soccer boarding school, academic studies are also a very important part of the curriculum. Students receive academic support and guidance, which can help them achieve their academic goals while pursuing their soccer dreams. IDA boasts a specialized staff at each of our locations to ensure all students are on a path to success both on and off of the field.

5. Personal Development

Attending a school that follows the academy approach can also help young players develop important life skills such as independence, responsibility, and time management. Living away from home and balancing academic and soccer commitments can be challenging, but will also be a valuable learning experience.

Embracing the Soccer Academy Approach

For young players who are serious about their soccer development, embracing the soccer academy approach can be a great way to take their game to the next level. International Development Academy’s boarding school provides a unique and valuable experience, and gives students all the tools they need to continue their academic and professional careers at the next level.

By embracing the academy approach, IDA’s student-athletes have found their transition into collegiate sports and studies to be much smoother than what high school students often experience. This means that they can continue moving forward in their development at the next level, not take steps back.

Whether you’re a player, a parent, or a coach, it’s important to consider the benefits of the soccer academy approach and explore the options available. By embracing this approach, young players can develop their skills, pursue their academic goals, and achieve their soccer dreams.




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