What if you didn't want to use IDA as a stepping stone in your collegiate career and instead wanted to make IDA your home?

We partner with local colleges and universities at our international locations to give players the opportunity to stay with us if they would like to. You'll attend a regular university abroad, attain college credit and live out a college experience identical to that of one in the USA - all while playing with IDA. 


Universidad Europea

At Universidad Europea, our student-athletes have a unique opportunity to be both full-time athletes at IDA (Instituto del Deporte y de la Actividad Física) and full-time students at the university. We understand the importance of striking a balance between academics and sports, which is why our program is designed to accommodate their rigorous schedules. With in-person classes, we ensure that their soccer commitments can seamlessly work around their academic requirements. Our aim is to provide a college experience similar to that of universities in the United States, where student-athletes can pursue their athletic dreams while receiving a quality education.

Program Overview

  • Top 5 university in spain

  • 91% Employability

  • 21 degree programs

    On valencia campus.

European Sports Business School

In our student-athlete program, each student is assigned a "learning coach" who serves as their advisor, advocate, and mentor. These coaches help students develop their own learning style through guided exercises. Weekly meetings and close collaboration with teachers ensure ongoing support and monitoring. Notably, students create their own academic calendar, granting them autonomy and the ability to prioritize effectively.

Program Overview

  • Collaboration with La Liga

  • Course done in English

  • Guaranteed internship


Reading University

Reading University is considered to be at the forefront of higher education in the UK. Located just ten minutes from the IDA UK campus, students have the opportunity to take both in-person and online courses while with us at IDA. You'll have the opportunity to blend your academic and athletic lifestyle to a personalized college/university experience that most college students do not get.

Program Overview

  • Premiere university in the UK

  • 10 mins. from IDA campus

  • Offers visa for students

Loughborough College

Loughborough College has a knack at putting students on the right path to meet their goals. Boasting a 85% satisfaction rate by students (10% above the national average), Loughborough equips students and staff to succeed well beyond their levels. As a sports student, you'll have access to sports facilities on campus and specialist staff and tutors to supplement your learning.

Program Overview

  • 85% Satisfaction Rate

  • Degrees tailor around athletics


Rome City Institute

Rome City Institute sits deep in the heart of Rome and is a great place for those who want to continue their education and take the first step into their career paths. With most of their undergraduate programs revolving around athletics and sports management, this is a unique school with a high graduation rate (87%) that can catapult you into your next journey.

Program Overview

  • Courses taught in english

  • 87% graduation rate


With Our Team

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