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May 23, 2023

High school is a crucial time in any students life. It may be difficult to juggle academics and high-level athletes at the same time, so we have partnered with some of the best in the business to accommodate our student-athletes to ensure they set themselves up for a successful future both on and off of the field.

IDA offers high school academic options that fulfill the high school curriculum needs of both the United States and the United Kingdom through our partners.

US Performance Academy – Spain & UK

We partner with USPA, a fully accredited, NCAA approved online high school that allows our student athletes to train full-time. USPA ensures all student-athletes receive a personalized experience by pairing them with a “learning coach”, who serves as their advisor, advocate, and mentor. This is a great tool and resource to ensure the student stays on task and is advancing as intended. 

Course work at USPA is granular and flexible. It includes a core curriculum, honors and AP classes, and electives chosen by the student. Graduation requirements include the following: English (4 credits), Math (3 credits, at least to Algebra II), Science (3 credits, including Biology and Chemistry), Social Science (3 credits including World History and US History), World Language (2 credits), and Elective Courses (5 credits, including .5 credits of Health). 

USPA also offers College Counseling services to all of their student-athletes to assist them in the decision of further education. USPA services are available to our athletes in the Spain and UK Academies. 

Kings InterHigh – Spain & UK

IDA is also partnered with Kings InterHigh, UK’s leading online secondary school. Kings InterHigh provides expert instructors, flexible learning done anywhere, engaging and innovative technology, 24/7 access to lessons, and small class sizes. Classes are taught online in a live, interactive manner in order to encourage participation and involvement. Students will also be assigned to a “House”, a smaller, tight-knit community within the school where teams compete to gain points and bond with one another. 

Kings InterHigh graduation requirements include 3 IGCSE subjects (Double Award Science, English Language, and Math), along with 4 additional GCSE subjects, selected from a comprehensive list. Along with GCSE’s, there is an A-Level option that includes 3 subjects with the option to add additional courses. 

Kings InterHigh is offered to our student-athletes in both Spain and the UK. 

Exceed DME Academy – Florida

In Florida, our student athletes are set up with Exceed DME Academy. DME Academy provides individual-based learning through a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) that is created upon the student’s arrival. The curriculum is a teacher-based learning path that includes the students’ interests and PLP. All students have the opportunity for honors, advanced, and AP courses. 

Exceed DME Academy offers 127 courses, conducted in a hybrid fashion (mix of online and in-person), along with 10 AP courses and 41 electives. Students will have small classes with an emphasis on individualized 1-on-1 learning with the teacher.

Along with basic classes, Exceed DME students have various resources for college guidance programs, SAT and ACT prep courses, and even the option for dual enrollment through the University of Pittsburgh online. This is all done with a flexible schedule to ensure all student-athletes have ample time to take care of both athletics and academics. 

DME Academy is proud of their 70% international student body with 25 countries represented. DME offers summer immersion programs to help international student-athletes get up to speed in the classroom and in the community.

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