soccer service providers partner Program

Partner with us to enrich your offerings, expand market access, scale your business, elevate your brand, and generate additional income seamlessly


soccer service providers

partner program

The IDA Soccer Service Providers Partnership is tailored for companies dedicated to enhancing the world of youth soccer. This partnership is an opportunity to offer more comprehensive services to your clients, gain broader market access, and scale your business effectively. Ideal for those providing unique services, training, events, or platforms, this program enables you to elevate your brand and create supplemental income streams with ease. By aligning with IDA, you tap into a network that values innovation and excellence in youth soccer development.

Benefits of


Enhanced Value Propositions

Offer a richer array of services and experiences to your clients, setting your company apart in the market.

Market Expansion

Gain increased access to the youth soccer market, connecting with a wider audience of aspiring student-athletes and soccer enthusiasts.

Business Growth

Leverage IDA’s network and resources to scale your business rapidly and effectively in the competitive sports industry.

Brand Elevation

Align with a renowned organization in youth soccer, enhancing your brand's visibility and prestige.

Supplemental Income Generation

Utilize IDA’s platform to create additional revenue streams, capitalizing on opportunities for growth and financial success.

Dedicated Support and Resources

Receive consistent partner support and access to a customized Partner Portal, rich with resources and essential tools for your business’s growth.


who trust ida

partner testimonies

Andreas Chronis, Chronis Elite Manager, on their time at IDA

"Our experience with IDA Valencia was outstanding. Their facilities, the staff, and how everything was organized always with special attention to detail, was just fantastic. We had the chance to train and play games against Spanish clubs, a unique experience that prepared us for what was coming next."

Levi Toth, LT Academy Manager, on their time at IDA

"Our experience with IDA has been great, we trained, played friendly games, made cultural visits, and visited Real Madrid Stadium and training facilities. But the most important thing is what all my players learned. These girls never experienced something similar before. They learned about the importance of training, physical development, and nutrition, something that in their current contexts is difficult to see."


get started

Trusted partnerships are the cornerstone of this industry. At IDA, we view our partners not as just another transaction, but rather a part of the IDA fabric. By partnering with us, you tap into a rich network of resources, relationships, and expertise - all designed to ensure our mutual success.


Step 1. Join the Program

Apply to the Soccer Service Providers Partner Program and be accepted.

Step 2. Complete Onboarding Process

Get trained, equipped, and set up with our partner resources.

Step 3. Launch Partnership

Officially join IDA Partnership Program! We are thrilled to get to work.

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