Joshua Andree Sanchez

Left Wing | SFL

Player Details

  • November 17, 1999

  • 5’6

  • 171 lbs

  • Left

  • IDA UK

  • Belleville HS

  • Class of 2022

  • GPA: 2.7

Get to Know Me


What motivates you to work hard?

Honestly my brother. He is my best friend and both of us chasing the same dream just feels better. Life is not the same without a ball at my feet so its not hard work if I enjoy every minute of it. But I still have a kids dream in my hands and I wont give up. Work and play hard until I physically can’t anymore.

If you had one wish to improve your game what would it be?

My scanning of the field needs to be better. So does my speed to run up and down the wings. Especially my first touch into space with my first two steps to be a burst of speed.

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is honestly to never being able to play again. Life just does not feel continuable without a ball.

What is your super strength?

I feel that its my speed but more to it I believe that its my hunger to want to get better, faster and stronger than before. There is always room for improvement.

Is your glass half full or empty?

My glass is half full

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