José Antonio Fernández Jr

Central Defensive Midfielder | Tormenta FC

Player Details

  • February 13, 2003

  • 5’6

  • 150 lbs

  • Right

  • IDA Valencia

  • Beaufort Highschool

  • Class of 2023

  • Intended Major: Biological and Biomedical Sciences

  • GPA: 3.8

  • ACT Score: 19

  • SAT Score: 870

  • Extracurricular: Sports

Get to Know Me


What motivates you to work hard?

Knowing there are better players than me who I want to compete against

If you had one wish to improve your game what would it be?

I would improve my reaction

What is your biggest fear?

Never reaching my potential

What is your super strength?

My biggest strength is always knowing what’s around me

Is your glass half full or empty?

Half empty

Game Film



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