IDA UK: Start Your Journey at Football's Home

Immerse Yourself in English Culture and Football Excellence

At IDA UK student-athletes (15-22 years old) from all around the world receive a professional academy football experience coupled with a specific, personalized academic program. The mission of the international development academy is to become the global leader in the development and placement of players aspiring to reach their full potential at the professional or college level.

The UK Experience: Where Excellence Meets Opportunity

IDA UK offers more than just a soccer program. Their student-athletes benefit from a holistic experience that fuses a professional academy football curriculum with a personalized academic journey.

● Boarding: Enjoy full-board accommodation in a student's residence just moments away from the heart of London.

● Coaching: Be mentored by highly qualified coaches with extensive experience in guiding international students.

● Opportunity: Engage in training and trial sessions with both professional and semi-professional clubs.

● Language: Hone your English skills with lessons conducted by native-speaking instructors.

● Athletics: Immerse yourself in intensive training, with a minimum of 12 hours per week on the field.

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IDA Values Drive Success: Integrity, Drive, Achievement

IDA is driven by core values that shape their student-athletes into well-rounded individuals:

1. Integrity: IDA fosters intelligent, respectful, and compassionate behavior within their community.

2. Drive: IDA encourages unwavering effort and a positive attitude, even in the face of challenges.

3. Achievement: IDA inspires high aspirations, pushing themselves and their players to aim higher.

Competition: A Thriving Arena of 50+ Games

Experience the thrill of competition with IDA's comprehensive schedule, featuring weekly matches against diverse opponents. From renowned PL academies to local semi-professional teams, IDA’s student-athletes gain exposure to various playing styles and challenges.

Opportunity: Immersive Athletics and Club Integration

Upon arrival, players undergo tryouts and are placed in partner clubs such as Hartley Witney FC, playing in FA Cup qualification stages. This integration enables selected players to train and compete in English youth leagues, enhancing their experience at IDA UK.

Elite Player Technology: Empowerment Through Insight

Empowerment comes through knowledge. Their cutting-edge platform offers 360-degree player profiles, granting student-athletes and parents access to calendars, video analytics, assessments, and more. This integrated tool aids in fostering holistic development.

Success Stories at IDA UK

1. Mac Naggar - Cornell University

Mac immersed himself in the culture of English soccer and really took the time he felt he needed to grow as a player both on and off the field. Eventually, our IDA advisors were able to help him narrow his list of schools down to Iona College, where he ended up attending and helping their team to their first-ever MAAC Championship.

Mac, a junior now, has taken a step further in his career and currently plays for Cornell University.

2. Kaden Foreman - Rollins College

Kaden utilized IDA in one of the exact ways it was intended to be used - through a planned GAP year. He knew that he had a dream of playing soccer in college, but wanted to make sure he was ready for the challenge going into it and decided to fine-tune his skills at IDA UK.

When we asked him if IDA had an impact on his college process, he responded with the following:

"Yes, IDA absolutely had a positive impact on my recruiting process and finding the right home for me. Not only from my coach reaching out to the coaches at the school and helping me with the process, but living and playing at IDA for 6 months making me a better player and person with better habits will help me perform at the next level as well."

Unlock Your Potential with IDA UK

Elevate your game, embrace cultural immersion, and embark on a transformative journey at IDA UK. For a unique fusion of football and culture, visit IDA UK to begin your extraordinary adventure.

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