IDA Bermuda

A page for all IDA events and news in Bermuda

Why IDA Bermuda?

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Opportunity to take the next step

We provide deserving student-athletes dual pathways to high level academic and football in Europe and USA.

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Competition and Exposure

We offer opportunities to compete in the best youth football tournaments in the world.

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Support and Training

We strive to enhance training development opportunities for Bermudian players on island.

Upcoming Events

Title Location Price Age Groups Itinerary
Super Cup NI Northern Ireland $2,200 Boys U13 View Itinerary Apply Here
Super Cup NI Northern Ireland $2,200 Girls U16 View Itinerary Apply Here
Royal Pre-Season Cup Reading, UK $2,200 Boys U15 View Itinerary Apply Here
Valencia Cup Valencia, Spain $2,200 Boys U17 View Itinerary Apply Here


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