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IDA and Toronto United FC: A  Meaningful Partnership

February 21, 2024

IDA and Toronto United FC: A  Meaningful Partnership

IDA is proud to create partnerships with clubs that open doors for players from all over the world. Sebastien Blanchet, a 16-year-old left-back, and Malcolm Thompson, a 16-year-old center-back, recently embarked on such a journey with IDA, the International Development Academy. Both players from Toronto United FC (TUFC) had an enriching summer pre-season experience with IDA, a partnership that has proven to be instrumental in their development.

Blanchet and Thompson’s summer stint with IDA was not just a brief detour but a pivotal chapter in their footballing journey. Having gained valuable insights and training during the pre-season, the duo returned to finish the second half of the season with enhanced skills and a broader perspective on the beautiful game.

Amidst the success stories, it’s crucial to acknowledge the concerted efforts of both IDA and TUFC in delivering quality programs for TUFC players. The collaboration between the two organizations during the last season laid the groundwork for a nurturing environment that fosters player growth, tactical understanding, and skill refinement.

Central to this flourishing partnership is the IDA Partner Program, a platform that goes beyond conventional training sessions. This program is designed to provide TUFC players with unparalleled exposure and unique competitive opportunities, not just through individual programs but also by actively involving them in international events and tournaments.

Eric, the Technical Director of TUFC, shares his thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “Our inaugural year with IDA has been a success. This collaboration opens doors for our players to train and compete internationally in diverse European locations. We also gain access to high-quality international tournaments, offering a unique chance for our teams to excel outside their usual environment. We are consistently impressed by IDA’s professional management and approach, laying a solid foundation for future growth.”

In conclusion, the journey of Sebastien Blanchet and Malcolm Thompson from TUFC to IDA exemplifies the positive impact of strategic partnerships in youth football. As the collaboration continues to flourish, it not only enhances individual player development but also elevates the standard of football programs provided by both IDA and TUFC. The future looks promising for these young talents, who are now equipped to face the global stage with confidence and skill.




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