IDA Alumni

Unveiling IDA's Alumni Triumphs: Embark on Your Own Path to Victory

At International Development Academy (IDA), their alumni are living proof of the transformative power of their program. With each unique journey, their students-turned-alumni have reached new heights, showcasing the impact IDA has had on their soccer careers. Let's delve into the success stories of these remarkable individuals, where IDA played a pivotal role in their triumphant quests:

1. Jeremy De Leon: From IDA to Puerto Rico National Team

Jeremy De Leon's journey epitomizes the IDA effect. After his time with us, Jeremy rose to represent Puerto Rico in the 2022 CONCACAF U-20 Championship. His standout performance, including a crucial brace against Bermuda, secured his team's qualification for the final tournament. Jeremy's journey continues as he thrives playing for Castellon in the third division of the Spanish soccer hierarchy.

2. Kaden Foreman: The Gap Year Success Story

Kaden Foreman's calculated gap year at IDA UK solidified his path. He aimed to elevate his skills before embarking on his college soccer journey. Kaden's dedication was rewarded when he secured a spot at Rollins College. IDA's impact was evident, not only in his refined skills but also in his confident and informed approach to college recruiting.

3. Kyah Le: IDA's Global Influence on Her Journey

Kyah Le's dream of playing in a World Cup was propelled by her international soccer experiences, including IDA's academy in Rome, Italy. Her time at IDA strengthened her adaptability, preparing her for the unique style of the game in Rome. Kyah's journey continued as she played for Serie C side Res Roma and embarked on a new chapter at Gonzaga University.

4. Laurens ten Cate: Elevating Performance at IDA

Laurens ten Cate's experience at IDA Valencia was a short but impactful chapter. The intensive training sessions and exposure to a diverse soccer environment contributed to his growth as a player. Laurens harnessed IDA's resources to elevate his performance, setting the stage for a successful return to Amherst College.

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5. Jameson Mannix: IDA's Role in College Soccer Aspirations

Jameson Mannix's goal of making the Hamilton College Men's Soccer roster was achieved with IDA's guidance. His IDA experience paved the way for his college dreams to materialize. Jameson's journey exemplifies the combination of skill-building, coaching, and support that defines the IDA experience.

6. Mac Naggar: A Gap Year Journey to Success

Mac Naggar's gap year journey led him to IDA UK in Reading. His aim was clear: Division I college soccer. IDA UK's training and advisory support streamlined his path to Iona College, where he made a significant impact. Mac's journey showcases the seamless connection between IDA and collegiate success.

Join the Ranks of IDA Alumni

These alumni tales aren't just inspiring stories – they are testaments to the life-altering potential of IDA's programs. Every aspiring soccer player has the chance to carve their path to success, and IDA is the guiding force that can make it happen. Experience the transformative journey that IDA offers and take your soccer aspirations to the next level.

Your Journey Starts Here

Are you ready to take the first step toward a thriving soccer career? IDA alumni are living proof of the opportunities that await you. Embrace the IDA experience and embark on your own journey of triumph. Your success story is waiting to be written at the International Development Academy. Visit this link to learn more about IDA alumni.


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