Why IDA is the Perfect Choice for your Family

February 20, 2023

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Of IDA’s 285 alumni, 84% of them reached their ultimate goal, whether it be playing collegiate soccer or signing professional contracts. We are proud to have 5 alumni who have signed professional contracts, and 80+ who have gone on to play at the collegiate level. IDA Valencia Alumni, Jeremy De Leon, played for Puerto Rico in the 2022 CONCACAF U-20 Championship qualifying and now plays for Castellón in the Spanish third division. Another IDA alum, Arik Duncan, completed his time in Spain with semi-professional experience and a full-ride scholarship to play NCAA division I at The University of California, Berkeley. Most recently, IDA UK had three players (Malachi Henry, DaQaio Stewart and Paris Mitchell Robinson) called up to the Bermuda’s 2023 CONCACAF Men’s U17 Championship team.

Academics Matter

We understand that education and athletics go hand in hand. As a result, we provide our student-athletes with a range of academic pathways to help them reach their full potential both on and off the field. From high school to graduate school, we are committed to meeting each student-athlete where they are at in their journey and equipping them for success.

For high school student-athletes, we partner with US Performance Academy, a fully NCAA-supported online education program that offers flexible schedules without compromising the quality of education. We also partner with King’s InterHigh, world-renown online British school. Our student-athletes have the opportunity to continue their pathway in Europe by working toward a degree at renowned universities such as Universidad Europea, Loughborough College, and the Link Campus University, and also have access to extra-curricular resources like ESL, Spanish, SAT/ACT Prep, and a UEFA B coaching course.

At IDA, our mission is to help student-athletes achieve their athletic and academic goals. We believe that education is just as important as sports, and we are dedicated to providing our student-athletes with the tools they need to succeed both on and off the field. Whether you are an aspiring student-athlete just starting your journey or a seasoned pro looking to take your game to the next level, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Learn more about our academic offerings here.

Gap Year

If your athlete has already secured a spot at a college or university but wants more time to get to the top of his or her game, a gap year at our residences could be a great fit. Spending a year abroad is a great way to gain an edge before going into college soccer. Our players are pushed to their max each and every day, constantly sharpening their skills and experiencing game-like training. A gap year is the perfect opportunity to be exposed to new environments and attain a new level, both physically and mentally. Playing a sport in college is rewarding but also challenging: being away from home, 25+ hours of practice per week, difficult classes, a new social atmosphere, etc. A year playing abroad is the perfect segment into this lifestyle. Our alumni, Kaden Foreman, did just this with his Gap year. He decided to join IDA UK in order to fine-tune his skills in preparation for college soccer. He started college at Rollins College and made an impact on his team immediately, starting 19 of 19 games. 

College Recruitment 

The IDA philosophy on the college recruitment process is that each athlete is unique and they need specific help to identify the “right fit” for their college experience.  This is a very important decision for our young student-athletes, and the first big life decision where they really need to be accountable and think through their decisions.  There are different factors at play, depending on the individual, but the main three are academics, soccer and the social environment.

The IDA college recruitment program is designed to educate players and parents in the college recruitment process, provide them support in every aspect from creating profiles and video highlight reels, to communicating effectively with college coaches and navigating the admissions process seamlessly.

We will provide an initial onboarding call with families as they join the IDA program to get to know the individual goals for each player academically and athletically.  Players will receive ongoing support during their time at IDA to monitor and evaluate their communication with college coaches and to help with all questions on admissions and finance, to ease the stress in the process.

Our staff knows what amount of dedication is needed to help players achieve their goals, and we make it known from the beginning that hard work drives success. Our academies use an advanced training software called 360 Player. This program not only keeps players on track with training sessions and academics, but also houses a development section that provides game breakdowns, film, and statistics for each player. This gives our players the unique advantage to learn from both successes and mistakes by watching high-quality films.

Along with making sure each player is on the right path with their studies and training, we also offer a weekly College Placement Group to help players figure out what is best for them moving forward. It is important to get them thinking and prioritizing their future and goals. 

Check out more on college placement here

So, why do this in Europe? 

With all of IDA’s advantages aside, location is sure to be an important factor. What makes the European experience so unique? All of the best players in the world have origins in European clubs. From the English Premier League to the Spanish LaLiga, the European environment undoubtedly promotes player development in an unprecedented way.

At IDA, players are guaranteed to train in the most competitive and educational environments available. Our staff is dedicated to growing each player individually with training, game film, performance reviews, and UEFA-licensed coaching experience.

However, after all things have been considered, if an abroad training program is not the right fit for your player, our IDA at DME Academy in Daytona, FL will still provide access to the elite academy lifestyle.

The Whole Package

We understand that it is essential for your children to have a safe and welcoming environment to live, train, and learn. All of our residences have secure, video-monitored dormitories. Facilities are important – and we have that covered.

IDA UK – Reading, England: Students reside at the Hillside Court Village, which is located in the local Reading student community. It includes hi-speed WiFi, study spaces, full living amenities, and areas to have fun and decompress. Our athletes have access to local semi-professional club’s football grounds and facilities as well as our new 4G pitch.

IDA Valencia – Valencia, Spain: Students reside in the beautiful town of Torre en Conill Norte at the Mas Camarena Resort & Boarding School, which is less than 15 minutes from downtown Valencia. They are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, training facilities, dorms, turf fields, running tracks, basketball courts, paddle and tennis pitches, and a swimming pool. 

IDA Rome – Rome, Italy – Students live in university-owned apartments in the heart of Rome. They have space to study, socialize, and complete extra work after hours. The residence is adjacent to museums, restaurants, plenty of sporting events, and more. All student-athletes have access to professional-level facilities, equipment, instruction, and more. 

IDA at DME Academy – Daytona, FL: Our US location is right on the beach and residents can enjoy the sun all year round. Our all-inclusive campus includes brand new dormitories, exceptional facilities and technology, a performance center accessible to all student-athletes, a turf and grass soccer pitch, and an advanced recovery facility. 

Living at one of our residences sets players up for the focused lifestyle that is crucial to development at a young age. Athletes are able to walk out of the classroom and straight onto the pitch; this a luxury that we are fortunate to provide. Our professional atmosphere teaches diligence, time management, and hard work – all necessary attributes to play at the highest level. Our players form close-knit bonds with one another through countless hours both on and off the pitch. Our coaching staff is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is positive, welcoming, and, most importantly, challenging.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of IDA 2023-2024 – talk to an IDA representative here




With Our Team

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