As the birthplace of modern football, England stands tall as a nation revered for its deep-rooted passion and exceptional talent in the beautiful game. For aspiring soccer players aiming to hone their skills and pursue a career in the sport, football academies in England present an unparalleled opportunity for growth and development. Among the crème de la crème of such institutions, the International Development Academy (IDA) in Reading, United Kingdom, takes the lead. International Development Academy offers a comprehensive training program that prepares players for the collegiate level and beyond.

  1. International Development Academy (IDA)

Leading the pack, the International Development Academy has carved a niche for itself as one of the premier football academies in England. Situated in the heart of Reading, IDA provides an intensive one-year training program designed to fine-tune the skills of young soccer talents. Boasting a state-of-the-art facility and a team of highly qualified coaches, IDA offers personalized training sessions, tactical workshops, and competitive match experiences that ensure players are well-equipped to thrive at the collegiate level.

  1. Manchester United Academy

A name that resonates across the globe, the Manchester United Academy has been instrumental in nurturing some of the greatest football talents in history. Situated at the legendary Carrington Training Centre, this prestigious academy offers top-tier coaching and an environment that fosters the development of technical proficiency and a winning mentality. With a rich history of producing world-class players, Manchester United Academy continues to be a sought-after destination for aspiring soccer stars.

  1. Chelsea FC Academy

Located in Cobham, Surrey, the Chelsea FC Academy is renowned for its focus on developing well-rounded players with exceptional technical skills and tactical acumen. With access to cutting-edge training facilities and a curriculum designed to produce players who embody the ethos of “The Chelsea Way,” this academy has consistently churned out talents that have graced the highest echelons of football.

  1. Arsenal Academy

Situated at Hale End, London, the Arsenal Academy has earned its place among the top football academies in England. Known for its emphasis on nurturing creativity and flair on the field, this football academy focuses on developing players who can contribute significantly to the game’s attacking aspect. Boasting a strong track record of promoting youth players to the first team, Arsenal Academy remains a beacon of hope for young talents dreaming of professional success.

  1. Liverpool FC Academy

With a tradition of producing world-class players, the Liverpool FC Academy stands tall as a breeding ground for future soccer stars. Situated in Kirkby, Merseyside, the academy’s coaching philosophy revolves around the “Liverpool Way,” emphasizing teamwork, high-intensity play, and relentless work ethic. With an illustrious history and a passionate fan base, Liverpool FC Academy continues to inspire the next generation of footballers.

In the dynamic and highly competitive world of football, having the right training and support during the formative years can make all the difference for aspiring players. Football academies in England play a pivotal role in nurturing young talent, and among them, the International Development Academy leads the way with its comprehensive program designed to prepare players for the collegiate level and beyond. As the legacy of these prestigious academies continues to shape the future of football, young talents can dream of a brighter tomorrow and bigger fields by attending one of the football academies in England.

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IDA Florida at DME Academy in Daytona Beach, Florida continues to expand its campus with a brand new regulation-sized turf field. IDA Florida in partnership with DME is making significant strides in its commitment to providing top-notch facilities for athletes. The latest addition to the IDA Florida campus is an impressive 75,000+ sq. ft. turf soccer field. The new field will serve as the venue for our Middle School and High School soccer games next season and will also host the highly anticipated Soccer Summer Prep camp from June 25th – July 22nd. 

“The installation of a turf soccer field on campus at IDA Florida’s location is a testament to IDA and DME’s dedication to the development of young soccer players,” says Tommasso Trevisan, Director of International Development Academy. “The field is right next door to our state-of-the-art indoor training facility where athletes can utilize gym equipment to help take them to the next level.” 

This new facility will enhance training sessions, allowing players to sharpen their skills and elevate their game to new heights. The field’s synthetic nature ensures reliable performance, regardless of weather conditions, making it a perfect venue for competitive matches. The addition of lights will also make it possible to host games at night, even when the days get shorter in the winter. 

The investment that DME and IDA have made into growing the soccer program has shown how serious we are in developing our student-athletes.” says Todd Eason, Director of Soccer at IDA Florida/DME Academy. “The entire facility is a game-changer for the program. Our ability to now host high-level competitions, offer showcase events, and provide regular training on a regulation-sized field, will only bring more recognition to IDA Florida and DME Academy’s soccer program.”  

The significance of the new turf soccer field goes beyond mere convenience. By hosting the Soccer Summer Prep camp on this exceptional playing surface, DME Academy is providing a platform for aspiring young athletes to refine their abilities under the guidance of experienced coaches. The camp will attract talented soccer players from across the globe, creating a vibrant and competitive environment for skill development. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from quality coaches and engage in rigorous training sessions, preparing them for the challenges of competitive soccer and getting them ready for the collegiate level.

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Soccer demands dedication, hard work, and commitment. For aspiring young players seeking to enhance their skills, enrolling in a soccer academy can be an excellent way to elevate their game. However, for those who are genuinely committed to developing their skills on the pitch, in the classroom, and beyond, a soccer boarding school could be the ideal choice.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of embracing the soccer academy approach, and specifically, why soccer boarding schools, like International Development Academy (IDA), are becoming an increasingly popular choice for young players.

What is a Soccer Boarding School?

A soccer boarding school is a specialized institution that combines high-level soccer training with academic studies. Students live on campus and receive intensive soccer coaching from experienced coaches, while also attending classes and pursuing their academic goals.

The Benefits of Soccer Boarding Schools

1. Intensive Soccer Training

The extensive soccer training that players receive is one of the key advantages of joining a soccer boarding school. Students may improve on their talents and develop their game in an organized and focused setting with regular training sessions.

2. High-Level Coaching

Soccer academies like IDA build their coaching staff with experienced and qualified coaches who have a deep understanding of the game. Our coaches are licensed and have various experiences playing and coaching at the academy, college, and professional levels. This means that student-athletes receive expert guidance and coaching, which can help them reach their full potential as players.

3. Competitive Environment

Soccer boarding schools attract players from all over the world, which creates a highly competitive environment. This can be a great way for young players to push themselves and improve their game, as they are constantly challenged by their peers.

4. Academic Support

While soccer is the main focus of a soccer boarding school, academic studies are also a very important part of the curriculum. Students receive academic support and guidance, which can help them achieve their academic goals while pursuing their soccer dreams. IDA boasts a specialized staff at each of our locations to ensure all students are on a path to success both on and off of the field.

5. Personal Development

Attending a school that follows the academy approach can also help young players develop important life skills such as independence, responsibility, and time management. Living away from home and balancing academic and soccer commitments can be challenging, but will also be a valuable learning experience.

Embracing the Soccer Academy Approach

For young players who are serious about their soccer development, embracing the soccer academy approach can be a great way to take their game to the next level. International Development Academy’s boarding school provides a unique and valuable experience, and gives students all the tools they need to continue their academic and professional careers at the next level.

By embracing the academy approach, IDA’s student-athletes have found their transition into collegiate sports and studies to be much smoother than what high school students often experience. This means that they can continue moving forward in their development at the next level, not take steps back.

Whether you’re a player, a parent, or a coach, it’s important to consider the benefits of the soccer academy approach and explore the options available. By embracing this approach, young players can develop their skills, pursue their academic goals, and achieve their soccer dreams.

Soccer, also known as football in many countries, is considered the world’s most popular sport. It is played and watched by millions of people across the globe and is growing more and more in places that traditionally aren’t considered “Soccer Countries.” For young soccer players who dream of playing at the professional or collegiate level, choosing an international soccer school can provide numerous benefits. In this article, we will explore the benefits of choosing an international soccer school specifically located in Valencia, Spain, London, UK, and Rome, Italy.

Exposure to International Coaching Styles

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an international soccer academy is the exposure to different coaching styles. Coaches from different countries have different approaches to the game, and players who attend an international soccer school will have the opportunity to learn from coaches who have different backgrounds and training methods. This exposure can help players develop a more well-rounded understanding of the game and improve their overall skills.

IDA takes pride in their coach-selection process. Our coaches mainly have UEFA B or higher coaching licenses and carry some level of experience playing professionally or at the collegiate level. You can find out more about our coaching staff by heading to our academies page and looking at each individual academy.

Cultural Immersion

Another benefit of attending an international soccer school is the opportunity to experience different cultures. Valencia, Spain, London, UK, and Rome, Italy are all culturally rich cities with a lot to offer. By attending an international soccer academy in one of these cities, players will be able to immerse themselves in the local culture and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. This experience can be invaluable for personal growth and development.

Language Learning

In addition to cultural immersion, attending an international soccer school can also provide an opportunity for language learning. Learning a new language can be challenging, but it is a valuable skill that can open up many opportunities in life. By attending an international soccer school, players will have the opportunity to learn a new language and practice it in a real-world setting. This can help players become more confident and comfortable communicating with people from different backgrounds.

High-Quality Training Facilities

International soccer schools often have state-of-the-art training facilities that are designed to help players reach their full potential. From high-quality pitches to advanced training equipment, these facilities provide players with the tools they need to improve their skills and become better players. By attending an international soccer school, players will have access to these facilities and be able to train in an environment that is conducive to their development.

Exposure to Professional Scouts, Teams and Methodology

Finally, attending an international soccer academy can provide players with exposure to professional scouts, teams and methodology. International scouts are always on the lookout for talented young players who have the potential to play at a professional level. By attending an international soccer school, players will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and potentially catch the eye of a professional scout. This exposure can be invaluable for players who dream of playing soccer at the highest level.

At IDA, you’ll have the opportunity to train with and play against local professional clubs as well. This combined with the elite IDA methodology and training is what equips our players so well for years to come and puts them on a pathway to success from the moment they step foot on our campus.

In conclusion, choosing an international soccer school can provide numerous benefits for young soccer players. From exposure to international coaching styles to cultural immersion and language learning, attending an international soccer school can help players develop a more well-rounded understanding of the game and the world around them. With high-quality training facilities and the potential for exposure to professional scouts, attending an international soccer school can be a life-changing experience for young players who dream of playing at a professional level.

If you are a young soccer player looking to take your skills to the next level, attending a soccer academy before you head off to college can be an excellent way to do so. There are many soccer academies located throughout the United States, but if you live in Florida or are willing to travel there, you should consider attending a Florida soccer academy. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Florida soccer academy.

Access to High-Quality Coaching

One of the most significant benefits of attending a soccer academy in Florida is the access you will have to high-quality coaching. Florida is home to some of the best soccer coaches in the country, many of whom have played professionally or coached at the highest levels of the sport. By attending a Florida soccer academy, you will have the opportunity to work with these coaches and benefit from their expertise. In particular, IDA Florida in partnership with DME Academy has some of the best coaching staff at IDA. Their focus is mainly on developing players and preparing them to take the next step of playing collegiate soccer.

Exposure to College Coaches

Another benefit of attending a soccer academy down south is the exposure you will have to college coaches. Many college coaches attend soccer tournaments and events in Florida, looking for talented players to recruit to their programs. By attending a soccer academy in Florida, you may have the opportunity to play in front of these coaches and make connections that could help you in your college search.

Top-Notch Facilities

Florida soccer academies also offer top-notch facilities for training and playing. Many of these academies have state-of-the-art soccer fields, weight rooms, and training rooms, all designed to help you reach your full potential as a player. IDA Florida, in partnership with DME Academy has over 47,000 square feet of facilities and latest training equipment. They also recently built a brand new turf field that is state-of-the-art. Having access to these facilities can make a big difference in your training, and can give you an edge over other players who do not have access to such resources.


Florida is home to some of the best youth soccer leagues in the country, and attending a Florida soccer academy will give you the opportunity to compete against some of the best players in your age group. This competition can help you improve your game and prepare you for the challenges of playing at the college level.


Finally, the weather in Florida is ideal for playing soccer. With warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine, you will be able to train and play year-round, without worrying about the weather interfering with your training.

To sum it all up, attending a soccer academy in Florida can be an excellent way to take your soccer skills to the next level. With access to high-quality coaching, exposure to college coaches, top-notch facilities, competition, and ideal weather conditions, attending a Florida soccer academy can help you reach your full potential as a player. If you are a young soccer player looking to improve your game, consider attending a Florida soccer academy and see how it can benefit you.

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