IDA College Placement

Navigating Your Path: IDA's College Placement Program

As a student-athlete with dreams of pursuing higher education and soccer in the United States, finding the right college fit can be both exciting and challenging. Fortunately, International Development Academy (IDA) is here to guide you through this crucial journey with their comprehensive College Placement program. With a mission to help international student-athletes discover their ideal academic and athletic match, IDA's team of experienced professionals ensures you make informed decisions and embark on a successful college experience. Join us as we explore how IDA's College Placement program is a game-changer for student-athletes seeking an exceptional collegiate soccer pathway.

Finding the Perfect Academic Fit

Navigating the college search process can be overwhelming, but with IDA's support, you'll find the perfect academic fit. Their team of former collegiate players, coaches, and youth soccer leaders will walk you through every step, from understanding open houses and tours to preparing for interviews and admissions tests. With their expertise, you'll be cognizant of relevant deadlines and fully prepared to showcase your academic potential.

Discovering Your Geographical Fit

IDA recognizes that geography plays a crucial role in your college decision. With their assistance, you'll collect relevant information from various universities, such as catalogs, websites, and open houses. Their team will help you decide on key factors like location, boarding or day school, range of academic programs, athletics, arts, and class size. With IDA's guidance, you can confidently choose a college that aligns with your preferences and aspirations.

Navigating the Scholarship Process

Securing athletic and academic scholarships can significantly impact your college experience. IDA acts as your conduit to the US Collegiate Soccer, helping you understand filing deadlines and preparing and presenting relevant forms. They work diligently to negotiate both athletic and academic scholarships, presenting you with the best possible offers to choose from.

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Seamless Enrollment Process

IDA's main focus is to find the ideal university for each student-athlete based on their individual profile. They thoroughly search their network of universities and colleges to find the best match. Once you decide to work with IDA, they evaluate your athletic skills through an athletic evaluation, either locally or via video. Upon signing a contract and paying the fee, IDA sends your athletic evaluation, videos, and transcripts to potential colleges and universities. Their skilled team negotiates scholarship offers and guides you through the enrollment process with your chosen university.

Expanding Opportunities and Gap Year Option

For those already studying at a university in their country, IDA offers the possibility of transferring to a US university. Depending on your program, IDA can send your transcripts to an approved educational institution for evaluation, which may lead to credit transfer.

Additionally, considering a gap year at one of IDA's locations is an excellent way to prepare for a successful college season, expand your horizons, and experience a life-changing adventure.

As a student-athlete seeking a college journey filled with academic excellence and athletic achievement, IDA's College Placement program is your ultimate guide. From personalized support to navigating the scholarship process and discovering the perfect academic and athletic fit, IDA's commitment to your success is unwavering. Start planning your future today and connect directly with IDA's team to embark on this transformative journey. To learn more about their College Placement program, visit IDA’s page here. Trust IDA to be your partner in unlocking a world of possibilities in the United States and beyond.


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