We understand that not every player is ready to take on the demands and responsibilities of a full-time commitment at one of our Academies. IDA offers other opportunities to receive the same benefits and exposure to a top-level training and learning environment, known as our Short-Term Programs. These programs are offered in a multitude of ways including Camps, Player Experiences, Men’s Trials, and Pre-Season. 

What sets us apart from any other camp? 

  1. We offer a variety of year-round, short-term programs and take the time to customize your experience to your goals and level.
  2. We treat our players like professionals from the minute they arrive. Our programs are a great opportunity to enter a full-time, professional environment for the first time. 
  3. Along with daily training from our highly qualified staff, all of our programs include real games, competition, and exposure. 
  4. Players will walk away with a wealth of knowledge and tools – how to live like a professional, the best training habits and insights to the analysis of the game, nutrition, psychology, and how these off-the-field aspects will help you succeed. 
  5. Players will gain access to usable footage for college recruitment. 
  6. We offer professional feedback and advice on what next steps to take – whether that be with IDA or not. 
  7. Players will be exposed to a long-term development plan. Development is not simply one camp and done. Players who attend our programs will understand everything that IDA has to offer in terms of a real pathway into the next level – college, semi-professional, and professional. One of our experiences is just the beginning.


Offered at IDA Valencia, IDA UK, and IDA Florida, our camps are a great way to get a taste of what being an IDA student-athlete is like. Valencia and UK campers are offered a one or two week camp option. Camps include 12-15 hours of training per week from UEFA Pro/A Licensed coaching staff, US University Pathway education, IDA Performance Program (S&C, nutrition education and video analysis), cultural exposure, all inclusive housing, and meals.

Florida campers can choose from a one-week option up to a four-week experience. Players will train twice per day, have four Strength and Conditioning sessions per week, and enjoy beach workouts. Additionally, every player will be given one full highlight video, professional photos, and the opportunity to visit universities. 

To find out more about IDA Camp Opportunities, click HERE

Player Experiences

Our Player Experience is a great option for more serious players who want to play at the next level. Offered at IDA Valencia and IDA UK, this program allows players to train, compete and experience day-to-day life of our student-athletes. Player Experience integrates directly into our full-time residential academy program. This is a great way to gain all the benefits of IDA’s full-time program in a short amount of time. It also is an opportunity to test out if living abroad is a good fit. 

To find out more about IDA Player Experiences, click HERE

Men’s Trials 

Men’s Trials are for 18+ year olds who want to fulfill their dream of playing in Europe while gaining exposure and experience. In addition to IDA coaches, coaches from local men’s teams are invited to scout potential players. Men’s Trials include up to a month of top-level training, two matches per week against local teams, showcase games with scouts in attendance, IDA Performance Program, and video footage of games. An opportunity abroad like this is the perfect chance to learn about new cultures and learn in a new environment. 

To find out more about IDA Men’s Trials, click HERE.


15+ year olds who want to prepare for their upcoming season at the highest level are a perfect fit for our Pre-Season Program. With one to four-week options, players will train at an intense level while working on their fitness and playing against top competition. Similar to our Men’s Trials, there will be 1-2 training sessions per day, 2 matches per week, and showcase games with head coaches in attendance. 

To find out more about IDA Pre-Season, click HERE

Hear it from our Players: 

Dean Harper of IDA Valencia used his time during the Player Experience Program to adjust to living alone and training at the highest level. Dean said, “The reason that I decided to go full time with IDA was because I knew there was nowhere else where I would grow and develop as much as IDA. The most important factor for me was that it took me out of my comfort zone. I was one of the younger members in the academy. I didn’t know anyone and I was really able to experience what it was like to fight for your place in the team every single day, because nobody’s spot is ever guaranteed here. There was a huge change in my speed of play during my trial period, which was another contributing factor to my decision to go full time.” 

Current full-time IDA Valencia player, Ryan Hashemi, reflected on his time during Men’s Trial. He said, “My experience with the Men’s Trial was one of a kind. I arrived at the airport and immediately saw the organization and professionalism of the academy. I was easily able to locate my driver who was waiting inside the airport waiting for me with his IDA gear on. Then, we to the resort which they toured to me which has everything someone needs to become a professional footballer. Every single day there was training during the day, and then one at night or a game. We spent time traveling to different cities and playing against different teams. New people would come all the time to the academy from all over the world and quite honestly, it blew way past my expectations. Jordi and the staff really gave us an amazing summer opportunity that I will surely never forget. After that month, I decided to come back to IDA for the full season. I realized that if I want to become a professional, as long as I put in my side of the work, IDA will support me with the rest of it. Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve improved beyond my imagination. I have played with multiple Spanish teams, gone on very high level trials and I am now signed to a team again and play games in the Spanish league system. I’m very thankful for IDA, Jordi and Ben Poulton because without them I would not be where I am today.”

In 2021, Michael Echavarria, a high school soccer player from Boston, Massachusetts, entered his name into a contest for a free season with International Development Academy. After learning about the academy, and its mission to impact passionate and motivated soccer players like himself, Michael figured it was a no brainer to throw his name in the hat. He had aspirations of getting recruited into a D1 college soccer program, or joining the professional ranks, and knew that IDA could support him on that journey.

When Michael received notice that he had won IDA’s contest, he was ecstatic. “The feeling when I found out that I won the contest is truly indescribable,” Michael said. “It is a moment that I will never forget, and one that I will forever be grateful for.” As the season approached, IDA’s staff kept in constant communication with Michael and his family, coordinating travel and prepping them on what to expect. He packed his bags and was ready to take on this experience of a lifetime.

Michael’s first trip outside of the states went seamlessly. An IDA staff member greeted him at the airport and brought him to Mas Camarena Resort & Boarding School in Valencia, Spain, where he and his fellow classmates would spend the season. Upon arrival, he received a tour of campus, including his living arrangement, training facilities, academic buildings, and cafeteria. At that moment, his nerves had faded and he was overcome with excitement for this opportunity. Michael described the feeling, stating, “In the back of my mind, I knew that this was going to be something to significantly impact my life, not just with my aspirations as a footballer, but as a person as well.”

Michael made the most of his season at IDA Valencia. He took advantage of every opportunity to develop on the pitch, in the weight room, and in the classroom, made lasting friendships, and fully immersed himself in the Spanish culture. And while there were challenges along the way, like being far from home and training in a highly competitive environment, he knew that overcoming them with the support of his coaches, teachers, and classmates, made him better in the long run.

After an incredible season at IDA Valencia, Michael decided to enroll full time at the academy. Why? His list of reasons seemed endless. From the highly supportive and knowledgeable coaching staff, to the rigorous training schedule, Michael loved the feeling of “training like a professional footballer”. He said, “The sessions at IDA are highly intensive, competitive, demanding, and technical, and will help you to identify areas of your game that you need to work on, in addition to helping you learn to be smarter on the field.” 

When asked how he would describe IDA to a fellow youth footballer, without hesitation, Michael stated, “IDA will give you the tools you need to take your game and aspirations as a footballer to the next level. If you have the passion, the drive, you are disciplined and focused, the possibilities of making your dreams a reality are endless!” 

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This March, our Academies are busy competing in various cups and matches. Check out below for a weekly updated schedule of our UK, Valencia and Florida Academies and full matches of selected games of the week!

On March 14, 2023, our IDA Valencia White Team played in a close game against SPF. SPF took the win defeating IDA 5-4.
On March 14th, 2023, our IDA UK’s HWFC U23 squad defeated Uxbridge U23 in the quarterfinals of the SFL Cup. The game went a PK shootout and HWFC is going to the semi-finals!
On March 5th, 2023 our IDA Florida DME Academy defeated KSA 7-2. DME continues on with a 9-0-1 record this season.

Interested in joining on of our Academies? Learn more here: IDA Valencia; IDA UK; IDA Florida

First up on our list of Academies is IDA Valencia. Located right in the heart of Spain, residents live in full-board accommodations with all facilities just a short walk away. At IDA Valencia, your child will be training at the highest level for 12+ hours each week. Along with training in the IDA environment, players will have opportunities to enter into trials with semi-professional and professional teams. Your child will be set up with all the resources and tools needed to be successful on and off the field, granted the player puts in the necessary work.

Sending your child abroad can be a big step. At IDA, it is important that parents are equally as excited and comfortable with the new challenges and opportunities that await our players. We had the chance to talk with a few parents of current IDA Valencia student-athletes; safety was a resounding non-negotiable factor, and we are proud to make safety our biggest focus.

Tamara Harper, mother of Dean Harper, said “Dean is our only child. Making the decision to send him to Spain was not an easy one for us. We took several months to think about it. We decided we would like to test the program a bit before we committed to it. I flew over with Dean in November of 2021. I dropped Dean off at IDA and I stayed in the hotel very close to IDA for two weeks. This gave me some time to get to know Betera and Valencia, meet the coaches, see the dorms and really get a feel for the program. I wanted to get a feel for the safety and the environment. I walked all over the area by the training facility. I walked to Betera every day and had coffee and mingled with the people there. I also spent considerable time in Valencia. I came to the conclusion that I felt very comfortable with Dean staying at IDA. The citizens of both Betera and Valencia are wonderful people! I felt more comfortable leaving Dean in Spain than I would leaving him in many cities in the US!” 

Along with a safe environment, we value our highly-qualified coaching staff and rely on them to act as mentors, educators, and all-around positive figures for our athletes. John Layman, father of JD Layman, spoke to the character of two particular staff members when asked about IDA’s best offerings. “Integrity of the leaders. Jordi and Ivan care about the boys and work hard to provide a positive and professional environment. It isn’t just about the money.” Tamara Harper agreed with our valuable coaching staff when asked the same question. “Most importantly are Dean’s coaches! He really trusts them and feels they both challenge and support him. That is invaluable and, ultimately, I believe this is why Dean is thriving at IDA!” 

Regardless of your family’s end goal, IDA will support and guide your child to get there. For the Harper’s, the goal is simple: “Dean wants to be a professional soccer player. Our end goal in joining IDA was to get the absolute best training we could for him. We feel very fortunate to have IDA.” The Layman’s are all about development, and, when asked about their end goal with IDA, responded, “Live in an academy opportunity to provide guidance and mentoring for my boys’ development as young men.”

Both parents that we spoke with agreed that sending their children to Europe made all the difference in their soccer careers. We prioritize high levels of training and competition to drive positive development. When you send your children to IDA, they will be pushed and challenged to become the best they can be. Tamara Harper said, “Knowing how serious Dean is about becoming a professional soccer player, the one non-negotiable was the level of the training. I expected the absolute best training for Dean. That means he is training with the best players and playing on the best teams. The coaches were able to assess Dean and place him in training situations that helped him grow.” John Layman agreed, saying, “JD has been exposed to consistent high-level soccer opportunities. He is learning to be a professional. He understands the Spanish culture and competitive soccer environment. When he returns on breaks, his development far exceeds his peers attending and playing at D1 schools.” 

Although developing soccer players is our goal, we equally value the personal growth that your child will experience in the process. Living in a new country allows for cultural exposure, independent learning, and preparation for the next level. “The cultural and soccer combined experience will make them ready for independent living. “Regardless of the soccer potential your child will come back a better soccer player with realistic expectations,” said John Layman. Tamara Harper expresses her gratitude for the lessons IDA has taught her son, Dean, as well. She says, “As you might imagine, IDA has prepared Dean for college life as well as professional team soccer life. He is an only child and had never experienced much about living with other young people his age. He has had to learn how to manage his own bank account, laundry, and food. He had also learned how to live with roommates and really communicate. I have to say that Dean has met some amazing young men at IDA and I believe many of them will remain friends for life! My son has really grown both as a soccer player and as a young man because of IDA. It has not always been easy. You and your child will both be challenged. I believe, however, that you will both grow and become closer because of it.”

Learn more about opportunities at IDA Valencia and talk to a representative HERE.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Of IDA’s 285 alumni, 84% of them reached their ultimate goal, whether it be playing collegiate soccer or signing professional contracts. We are proud to have 5 alumni who have signed professional contracts, and 80+ who have gone on to play at the collegiate level. IDA Valencia Alumni, Jeremy De Leon, played for Puerto Rico in the 2022 CONCACAF U-20 Championship qualifying and now plays for Castellón in the Spanish third division. Another IDA alum, Arik Duncan, completed his time in Spain with semi-professional experience and a full-ride scholarship to play NCAA division I at The University of California, Berkeley. Most recently, IDA UK had three players (Malachi Henry, DaQaio Stewart and Paris Mitchell Robinson) called up to the Bermuda’s 2023 CONCACAF Men’s U17 Championship team.

Academics Matter

We understand that education and athletics go hand in hand. As a result, we provide our student-athletes with a range of academic pathways to help them reach their full potential both on and off the field. From high school to graduate school, we are committed to meeting each student-athlete where they are at in their journey and equipping them for success.

For high school student-athletes, we partner with US Performance Academy, a fully NCAA-supported online education program that offers flexible schedules without compromising the quality of education. We also partner with King’s InterHigh, world-renown online British school. Our student-athletes have the opportunity to continue their pathway in Europe by working toward a degree at renowned universities such as Universidad Europea, Loughborough College, and the Link Campus University, and also have access to extra-curricular resources like ESL, Spanish, SAT/ACT Prep, and a UEFA B coaching course.

At IDA, our mission is to help student-athletes achieve their athletic and academic goals. We believe that education is just as important as sports, and we are dedicated to providing our student-athletes with the tools they need to succeed both on and off the field. Whether you are an aspiring student-athlete just starting your journey or a seasoned pro looking to take your game to the next level, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Learn more about our academic offerings here.

Gap Year

If your athlete has already secured a spot at a college or university but wants more time to get to the top of his or her game, a gap year at our residences could be a great fit. Spending a year abroad is a great way to gain an edge before going into college soccer. Our players are pushed to their max each and every day, constantly sharpening their skills and experiencing game-like training. A gap year is the perfect opportunity to be exposed to new environments and attain a new level, both physically and mentally. Playing a sport in college is rewarding but also challenging: being away from home, 25+ hours of practice per week, difficult classes, a new social atmosphere, etc. A year playing abroad is the perfect segment into this lifestyle. Our alumni, Kaden Foreman, did just this with his Gap year. He decided to join IDA UK in order to fine-tune his skills in preparation for college soccer. He started college at Rollins College and made an impact on his team immediately, starting 19 of 19 games. 

College Recruitment 

The IDA philosophy on the college recruitment process is that each athlete is unique and they need specific help to identify the “right fit” for their college experience.  This is a very important decision for our young student-athletes, and the first big life decision where they really need to be accountable and think through their decisions.  There are different factors at play, depending on the individual, but the main three are academics, soccer and the social environment.

The IDA college recruitment program is designed to educate players and parents in the college recruitment process, provide them support in every aspect from creating profiles and video highlight reels, to communicating effectively with college coaches and navigating the admissions process seamlessly.

We will provide an initial onboarding call with families as they join the IDA program to get to know the individual goals for each player academically and athletically.  Players will receive ongoing support during their time at IDA to monitor and evaluate their communication with college coaches and to help with all questions on admissions and finance, to ease the stress in the process.

Our staff knows what amount of dedication is needed to help players achieve their goals, and we make it known from the beginning that hard work drives success. Our academies use an advanced training software called 360 Player. This program not only keeps players on track with training sessions and academics, but also houses a development section that provides game breakdowns, film, and statistics for each player. This gives our players the unique advantage to learn from both successes and mistakes by watching high-quality films.

Along with making sure each player is on the right path with their studies and training, we also offer a weekly College Placement Group to help players figure out what is best for them moving forward. It is important to get them thinking and prioritizing their future and goals. 

Check out more on college placement here

So, why do this in Europe? 

With all of IDA’s advantages aside, location is sure to be an important factor. What makes the European experience so unique? All of the best players in the world have origins in European clubs. From the English Premier League to the Spanish LaLiga, the European environment undoubtedly promotes player development in an unprecedented way.

At IDA, players are guaranteed to train in the most competitive and educational environments available. Our staff is dedicated to growing each player individually with training, game film, performance reviews, and UEFA-licensed coaching experience.

However, after all things have been considered, if an abroad training program is not the right fit for your player, our IDA at DME Academy in Daytona, FL will still provide access to the elite academy lifestyle.

The Whole Package

We understand that it is essential for your children to have a safe and welcoming environment to live, train, and learn. All of our residences have secure, video-monitored dormitories. Facilities are important – and we have that covered.

IDA UK – Reading, England: Students reside at the Hillside Court Village, which is located in the local Reading student community. It includes hi-speed WiFi, study spaces, full living amenities, and areas to have fun and decompress. Our athletes have access to local semi-professional club’s football grounds and facilities as well as our new 4G pitch.

IDA Valencia – Valencia, Spain: Students reside in the beautiful town of Torre en Conill Norte at the Mas Camarena Resort & Boarding School, which is less than 15 minutes from downtown Valencia. They are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, training facilities, dorms, turf fields, running tracks, basketball courts, paddle and tennis pitches, and a swimming pool. 

IDA Rome – Rome, Italy – Students live in university-owned apartments in the heart of Rome. They have space to study, socialize, and complete extra work after hours. The residence is adjacent to museums, restaurants, plenty of sporting events, and more. All student-athletes have access to professional-level facilities, equipment, instruction, and more. 

IDA at DME Academy – Daytona, FL: Our US location is right on the beach and residents can enjoy the sun all year round. Our all-inclusive campus includes brand new dormitories, exceptional facilities and technology, a performance center accessible to all student-athletes, a turf and grass soccer pitch, and an advanced recovery facility. 

Living at one of our residences sets players up for the focused lifestyle that is crucial to development at a young age. Athletes are able to walk out of the classroom and straight onto the pitch; this a luxury that we are fortunate to provide. Our professional atmosphere teaches diligence, time management, and hard work – all necessary attributes to play at the highest level. Our players form close-knit bonds with one another through countless hours both on and off the pitch. Our coaching staff is dedicated to creating an atmosphere that is positive, welcoming, and, most importantly, challenging.

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Arik Duncan grew up playing soccer for Concorde Fire Soccer Club in Atlanta Georgia. After high school, he went on to start his collegiate career at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in 2019. Arik had quite a successful career at RPI, where he played in sixteen games, tallying five goals and three assists. His college soccer career was put on hold, however, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Arik began looking for different opportunities.

Arik chose to join IDA Valencia because it had all the key components for him: an elite coaching staff, top class facilities, close knit teammates, and a high level of training right at his fingertips. “My main goal was to get better. I did not necessarily have a goal of signing a professional contract or going back to the US for a Division 1 school… I just wanted to get better.” Arik stated that the coaching staff and players with similar ambitions originally peaked his interest in IDA Valencia. 

When asked about his experience in Valencia, Arik stated, “My experience at IDA was really great. Especially the first six months because that is when I was most involved with IDA. It was a really great group of guys. We were really close knit. The level of training at that time was really high, and I built some good relationships with the coaches and gained a lot of experience as a player. It was awesome in general to see around Spain and different parts of Valencia. Overall it was just a really great experience, not just soccer-wise but embracing the culture of Spain and the different lifestyles.” 

Arik played with IDA Valencia full-time for six months after his arrival before reaching an agreement with UD Vall de Uxó. During this time he was still living in the IDA facilities and training with the IDA team part-time. When asked about the IDA preparation for playing at the next level, Arik stated, “It introduced me to a more focused lifestyle. I had the field right next to where I lived and I was constantly training everyday. Constantly having access to the gym, pool, recovery, being able to train as much as I was, it really prepared me to take the next step in a competitive environment.” 

Arik had many great mentors throughout his career but he is especially thankful for all of his coaches and directors at IDA Valencia. Arik said, “Ivan Berlanga and Jordi Gomez have always supported me, whether it was on the field or off the field… They helped me find opportunities and to settle in Spain. George Nichols also has always helped me on the field a ton.” Arik wanted to give a special thank you to Antony Blackburn, “He was my main mentor at the time and we have a really great relationship. He has been very vital to my success in Valencia.” 

Antony Blackburn, one of Arik’s key mentors in Valencia, knew his player was going to do big things. He shared with us, “When Arik joined us, we sat down for our initial meeting as we do with all players. When I asked him about his aspirations and what he wanted from his time here, he simply said “to improve and leave a better player”. We help a lot of players improve and achieve their next level. That question is often answered with something like: signing a pro or going on trial somewhere. Arik just wanted to get better. It was refreshing to hear that, and it always stuck with me when working with Arik on a 1to1 basis – he just wants to improve. Maybe for some, DIII to DI might come as a surprise, but for people who know him, it’s no accident. Arik made the most of the resources he had available here at IDA: the analysis, the sport psychology, the mentoring, the training and games programme, and working 1to1 with our staff – he truly maximised his time here. We are all extremely proud of Arik, not just for his footballing achievements, but just as much for his growth as a person – he’s had a lasting impact on our staff and our program. UC Berkeley have signed a fantastic player and an exciting talent. But above all – and most importantly – a wonderful person.”

Arik is taking the next steps of his career at The University of California, Berkeley in mid-January and will compete for his final two years of eligibility in the NCAA. His impressive development earned him a full-ride scholarship over the course of his time as a Golden Bear. Arik gives this advice to any younger athlete aspiring to play at the next level, “You have to really be obsessed and have to really want it. Training well, eating well, making good habits. Being obsessed with the game, falling in love with the game.” IDA wishes Arik the best of luck as he continues onward with his soccer career at Cal! 

If you are interested in learning more about IDA or our resources available to help you get to the next step in your soccer career, speak with an IDA representative here.

As the 2022-2023 season kicks off at IDA Florida, the team wanted to give those on the outside a chance to take a look behind the curtain and into the current IDA season. We decided to host a series of 2023 Season Kickoff Webinars on November 9th and 10th, 2022 to showcase all that IDA has to offer for prospective players. Our locations in Spain, UK, and Florida all hosted their own webinar digging into each of the academies which you can review by clicking the respective links.

The IDA Florida webinar began by diving into the partnership that IDA has with DME Academy based out of Daytona Beach, Florida. Staff on both the IDA and DME side took turns introducing themselves and explaining their role in the partnership before head coach Todd Eason took over and dived into the program. Todd went on to discuss the player pathway, general program structure, and top-level facilities at DME Academy. The webinar lasted a little over an hour with attendees engaged and asking important questions they had.

We don’t want to spoil all of the details of the webinar, so if you are interested, please submit on the form below to be redirected to the webinar recordings page. All in all, we had a great time with the Season Kickoff Webinars and look forward to seeing some of you on the next one!

Or, if you want to get right into it, IDA is currently accepting registrations for 2023 which you can get to by clicking the link here.

As the 2022-2023 season kicks off at each of IDA’s academies, we wanted to give everyone the chance to get a look inside the current IDA season. We decided to host a series of 2023 Season Kickoff Webinars on November 9th and 10th, 2022 to showcase all that IDA has to offer for prospective players. Our locations in Spain, UK, and Florida all hosted their own webinar digging into each of the academies which you can review by clicking the respective links.

The UK webinar kicked off with an introduction of the overall program as a whole – diving into what the residential life looks like at the campus in Reading, UK and then moving into the diversity of the program. Similar to how the Spain academy operates, the UK academy spent some time discussing the various pathways their players have, from remaining in the IDA program to having the chance to make their way into professional clubs and be paid to play.

Without getting into all of the details of the webinar, we loved being able to give players a valuable hour-long session where they could ask questions, learn about the UK academy, and speak to some of the current IDA players.

If you want to watch the full webinar, submit on the form below to be redirected to the webinar page!

Or, if you want to get right into it, IDA is currently accepting registrations for 2023 which you can get to by clicking the link here.

With the 2022-2023 season kicking off at International Development Academies across the globe, we wanted to give prospective students, parents and others interested the chance to get a look inside each of our academies. We decided to host a series of 2023 Season Kickoff Webinars on November 9th and 10th, 2022 that really showcased what IDA is all about. Our locations in Spain, UK, and Florida all hosted their own webinar digging into each of the academies and showcasing all that makes them what they are.

The Spain webinar really gave those who attended a good “look under the hood” at IDA. It kicked off with a video of what it’s like to be an IDA player, giving viewers the chance to see what a day in the life looks like at IDA. From there, they went into a larger breakdown of the current IDA season, with IDA Valencia coaches and staff describing in detail the league they play in. Eventually, the brought up the league table to showcase IDA top of their league, and then went a level deeper to show how the academy is involved in a local Spanish club that pulls players from IDA to participate in local club matches.

Overall, the webinar was an extreme success and we had a fantastic time showing all that we are about. We don’t want to give everything that was discussed away, so if you’re looking to get your hands on the full webinar, you can do so by submitting on the form below where you will then be redirected to the webinar recording page.

Or, if you want to get right into it, IDA is currently accepting registrations for 2023 which you can get to by clicking the link here.

Friday, October 21 2022

International Development Academy (IDA) is excited to announce a new partnership with the longest continually functioning school in the western hemisphere – Warwick Academy. The two are combining to create a new high-performance football program based out of Warwick, Bermuda which will provide student-athletes access to IDA’s elite coaching, training and opportunities.

International Development Academy has been growing rapidly since its inception. With international soccer academies in Spain, UK, Italy and USA, the group looks to expand yet again and is excited about the new opportunity.

Founded in 1662, Warwick Academy is a private school hosting mainly primary and secondary students aged 4-18. After the success of their High Performance Swimming Program, Warwick Academy partnered with IDA for the launch of the High Performance Football Program. Selected students will participate in an intense schedule of football training and competition, along with their normal school and sports schedule. Competitive Calendar and training curriculum will be provided by the IDA staff, who will visit the school multiple times over the course of the year.

“We want to provide our students the opportunity to enhance their football development, within our academic structure.” said Principal Dave Horan. “By partnering with IDA, we will be able to provide our students with international showcase events, both in North America and Europe”.

Some of the key features of the partnership:

If you’re interested in learning more about IDA’s academies, click the button below!