IDA Academic Offerings

IDA's Academic Offerings: Customized Educational Pathways for Student-Athletes

International Development Academy (IDA) understands the importance of balancing academics with athletic pursuits. As a leading institution committed to empowering student-athletes, IDA offers a wide range of academic programs designed to nurture intellectual growth alongside athletic development. With tailored educational pathways and partnerships with prestigious universities, IDA provides student-athletes with the tools and opportunities required to excel both academically and athletically. Join us as we delve into the remarkable academic offerings that make IDA a beacon of educational empowerment.

High School: Achieving Success On and Off the Field

IDA understands the unique needs of serious student-athletes. The institution’s High School program offers a customized US high school curriculum that seamlessly integrates with their rigorous training and competition schedules. With a blended learning approach and 1:1 support from highly qualified teachers, student-athletes engage in 4-5 hours of classwork per day, whether in-class or remotely. IDA’s self-paced and mastery-based programs are NCAA-approved, ensuring student-athletes are on track for college scholarships while receiving a well-rounded education encompassing English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, as well as World Language.


Gap Year: Maximizing Opportunities for High School Graduates

For high school graduates seeking an additional year to further develop their skills, maximize exposure, and pursue a college scholarship or professional contract, IDA's Gap Year program is the perfect choice. This program offers student-athletes the opportunity to train, study, compete, and gain valuable experience during this crucial transitional period. During this additional year, student-athletes can continue their training, compete in high-level competitions, and broaden their academic horizons, ensuring that student-athletes are equipped with the tools required to succeed.


Undergraduate Programs: A Gateway to Academic and Athletic Excellence

IDA has established partnerships with renowned international universities across Europe to offer a range of undergraduate degree programs. Through collaborations with institutions such as Universidad Europea (Spain), Loughborough College (UK), and Link Campus University (Rome), student-athletes are able to pursue higher education while honing their athletic abilities. This unique opportunity allows them to immerse themselves in an international learning environment, foster personal growth, and expand their global perspectives.

Master's Degree: Continuing the Pursuit of Knowledge and Soccer

Recognizing the importance of higher education, IDA provides student-athletes with opportunities to pursue master's degree programs and professional development throughout Europe. Collaborating with the same universities as the undergraduate program, IDA facilitates the seamless integration of advanced studies with soccer careers. This pathway empowers student-athletes to expand their expertise while continuing their athletic journeys.

Additional Educational Resources: Enhancing Skills Beyond the Classroom

IDA goes above and beyond by offering an array of additional educational resources. These resources include ESL courses to strengthen language proficiency, Spanish language classes to foster cultural understanding, SAT/ACT test preparation to support college admissions and a UEFA B coaching course for those interested in coaching development. These extra-curricular opportunities empower student-athletes to broaden their horizons and acquire valuable skills that extend beyond their academic pursuits.

At the International Development Academy, academic excellence goes hand in hand with athletic development. By nurturing students' intellectual growth while supporting their athletic aspirations, IDA opens doors to endless possibilities. To explore more on IDA academic offerings, click here to visit their Academic Offerings page. Join IDA and embark on a transformative journey where academic and athletic excellence converges, enabling student-athletes to unleash their full potential on the path to a bright future.


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